Hide and Seek

November 2012 039-001 November 2012 040-001 November 2012 041-001 November 2012 042-001 November 2012 047-001 November 2012 048-001 November 2012 045-001Feeling the need to take a visual rest from the bleakness of winter I thought I’d share a photostream that I shot this past spring. I titled it Hide and Seek  and as you read along, see if you can figure out who was hiding and who was seeking.

About an hour into a walk with my little buddy, Binky, I decided to take a break and rest underneath the shade of a tree.

As I sat enjoying the sounds of the birds, and petting the top of my little dogs’ head, I heard the snap of a twig. In reaction I turned towards the sound and saw a fawn emerging directly in front of me.

Slowly I brought up my camera, focused, and began to click away.


I have heard that deer have an acute sense of hearing and this fawn stands as proof of that.

With each click of the shutter, this little deer reacted. And as luck would have it, the fawns curiosity overrode its cautious nature and became determined to locate where that little clicking sound was coming from.


Slowly it crept forward, tilting its head and angling its ears to the front, to the back, and to the sides.  “What is that?” you could almost hear it say.


It took another step forward. Listening intently as it moved towards a small clearing in the underbrush. Perhaps it thought it could hear better there.

As it settled into it’s spot, it dipped its head low and  stretched out it ears as far as it could. Listening intensely for that strange little sound. “Where is it coming from?” I’m sure it was thinking.


“There it goes again.”

A look to its right, ears poised perfectly to capture sound.  “No, its not coming from that direction.”


“Wait perhaps it came from over there.”

A shift in body weight, a look to the left, ears poised for sound. “No, not from there either.”

Then a final click of the shutter.


“Ah-Ha,” says the little deer. “I found you!”

Indeed it did and as the fawn studied me, I slowly lowered my camera and simply enjoyed our eye to eye contact.

I don’t know if it my imagination but it appears that this little fawn is quite pleased with the fact that he located the mystery of the clicking sound.  I almost think I can see a grin…what do you think?


2 thoughts on “Hide and Seek

    • Shortly after my photoshoot another walker with dog came by which broke the magic of the moment and the fawn retreated back into the thickets. It was then that I saw it join its mother, who must have been standing in the shadows the entire time. Together they both headed back deep into the woods.

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